Beginning Again

It looked to me like there could have been a light frost last night, at least, on the neighbor’s roofs. The cold front is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I just had a sobering thought. If the temperature really hits 28 degrees, will all these lovely, green leaves be killed and will the trees have to […]

Whippoorwill Winter?

Whippoorwill Winter?

The maple leaves are as large as a rabbit’s ears; flowers are blooming, but, you know what? We have freezing temperatures, in the upper 20s and a possibility of snow on the way. In the early spring, we have periods of reverting to cold weather, called by various lovely names. Whippoorwill winter? Blackberry winter? Someone […]

Courtesy of Calendar

Today, spring sweeps in with flowered skirts. She is a capricious thing, apt to change her mind on the spur of the moment. Today, here in NW Arkansas, spring is trying on some warmer temperatures, but wait’ll tomorrow…she may show her stormy side.  Spring sometimes just doesn’t show us her good manners, so we have […]

The Ring, Rain, and Rhododendrons

The Ring, Rain, and Rhododendrons

Rain and storms are forecast for NW Arkansas and lightning flares in the distance. I’m pretty sure it is raining in Ireland, too, where St. Patrick’s Day originated. They may not have the thunder and lightning, though. While I was there, rain was sometimes hard but never stormy.  Each day of my visit to Ireland […]

Lovely Morning

It’s such a lovely morning, above freezing, sunshine, flowers hesitantly starting to take a peek at the world. I wonder, on such a morning, why there’s turmoil and trouble and hatred anywhere?  At last, I can breathe a sigh of relief for the robins. When snow and ice covered the ground, those real-life early birds […]

Just a Mite Chilly

It’s a little more than just a mite chilly here in NW Arkansas this morning. I think that fifteen degrees below zero must be a record. A friend, a Cozy Critter, in a near-by Arkansas town is even colder and that’s not counting wind chill. So, what’s happening? Has the great frozen North Pole moved […]

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