Welcome. Here you will find listings of my books in print and works in progress. You will be able to click on the cover of a book and be taken to the website where you can order. You will find my writing background and also a blog wherein I invite you to go with me as I meander through the world as I see it. You will be able to drop me a line. I welcome questions and comments.

As an author, I have the privilege of inviting you the reader into a world of fiction where made-up characters live, love, have problems, and attempt to solve those problems. My co-author Barbara Burgess and I are currently writing a series about Darcy Campbell, investigative reporter who returns to her hometown of Levi, Oklahoma after the death of her husband. You will also meet Darcy’s mother Flora Tucker who has lived in the same farm house in Levi for many years. Instead of finding the peace and security that Darcy yearns for when she returns home, she is drawn into one dangerous dilemma after the other. Yes, evil exists in this fictional town of Levi, but it is met and defeated by Darcy and Flora with a little help from Grant Hendley, Darcy’s high school sweetheart all grown up and now Ventris County’s sheriff.

The clear streams, flintstone rocks, shadowy woods and hard-working, honest people of rural Oklahoma were a part of my childhood and helped shape the writer in me. I was blessed with a mother who was my cheering section and a dad who expected nothing less than the best I could do.

A writer has the unique blessing of using words to create a fictional world where something exciting is happening. I invite you, the reader, to come with me into this imaginary realm, share the danger as something evil nips at our heels, and try to solve a mystery that becomes ever more puzzling as the story progresses.

My son Matt built this website and daughter-in-law Dawn made the photos. I truly appreciate both of them, their expertise and the time they’ve donated.

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