A New Day

Morning slips in on silent feet, moving through drowsy trees, stirring a leaf here and there. Within the branches of a blue spruce, something, perhaps a bird, awakens. Darkness is slow to leave; the day is loathe to begin. At last, gathering the shadows around it like a cloak, the dawn glides away, yielding to […]

Lovely Morning

It’s such a lovely morning, above freezing, sunshine, flowers hesitantly starting to take a peek at the world. I wonder, on such a morning, why there’s turmoil and trouble and hatred anywhere?¬† At last, I can breathe a sigh of relief for the robins. When snow and ice covered the ground, those real-life early birds […]

A New Morning

I thank God for the morning, for the freshness of rain-washed air, for new light as it clears away the shadows of the night. I thank God for the mystery of another day. Yesterday’s worries and concerns are where they belong–with yesterday. This is a new day, a new beginning, a new hope with the […]


  No sounds break the frozen stillness of morning. Snow rims the dark limbs of trees, wintry patterns against a gray sky. A careful driver in a blue car eases down the icy street, his headlights a yellow swath in the darkness–a silent car on a silent street. But noises intrude. Coffee pot chuckles; furnace […]

The Wheels of the Truck

The Wheels of the Truck

A beautiful morning. I’ve been out in the back yard with Nemo and my cup of coffee. The wildflower seeds I planted are still looking OK. I hope they grow and spread. A funny¬† thing–some seeds I planted years ago are poking up. That’s okay with me. I like happy surprises. People are out walking, […]

A Brand New Day

A Brand New Day

It was a good way to start a brand new day. I opened the blinds onto the deck this morning, and there was a bright red cardinal. He cocked his head, hopped over to a chair, then onto a deck railing, all the while gazing at me. Did he want to tell me something? He […]

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