A Little of This and That

It’s raining this morning. Actually, it just started a few minutes ago but there’s thunder. Oh, dear! You know who is nervously hovering by my chair, don’t you? I wish I could explain to Nemo that it’s only noise and won’t hurt him, and I do explain; however, he doesn’t seem to believe me. Speaking […]

Lessons From Nemo

    Food is good. Enjoy it. Any time is a good time for a nap. If you don’t catch a squirrel today, there’s always tomorrow. A short walk restores the soul. Sniff everybody; if they smell Ok, they’re a friend. Things that can’t be avoided are best dealt with graciously. (No snapping or growling.) […]

Tucked Away

Christmas 2020 is tucked away now, put into boxes and stored in the garage until next Christmas. I always take down tree, ornaments, and other decorations with a degree of sadness, wondering what will transpire until it’s time to put them up again. However, now the house seems larger and Nemo is glad to get […]

Nemo Versus Squirrel

I’m a devoted watchdog, valiant and kind                                                                                                 […]

Nemo Says…

Nemo Says…

Two years ago, Nemo had foot surgery. He didn’t like it, but he bore it with fortitude, hoping for a time when he could jump around on all four feet again.  Nemo has taught me a lot of valuable things: love whole-heartedly, awake each day with no worries from yesterday (except for that miserable foot),  […]

My Barometer Wears Fur

My Barometer Wears Fur

Even if I hadn’t seen the clouds, even if I didn’t hear the rain, I’d know the weather was turning stormy. My furry barometer told me so. When Nemo hears thunder or senses a disturbance in the atmosphere, he trots over to me, puts his feet on my lap and looks beseechingly at my face. […]

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