Fun-Filled Fancy

Let me tell you, writing a cozy mystery is fun!  In my first series, Darcy and Flora come to life. We look in on them in their hometown of Levi and learn why they are both living in the old farmhouse. We shiver at the danger they inadvertently step into and sigh with relief when […]

Not an Oak, But a Golf

Can you guess what this is?  My brother Tracy Day sent me this interesting photo a few years ago.  At a glance it looks as if the tree may be the first of its kind to sprout a golf ball. Can you imagine the run on nurseries, with golfers wanting to plant a whole orchard […]

But, What If…

What if your small hometown had always seemed placid, peaceful, filled with honest and hard-working people, but you suddenly found that beneath this calm exterior, a deadly secret threatened your life? What would you do? Ned McNeil is faced with this decision in each of her four cozy mysteries, in Moonlight Can Be Murder when […]

People Like You and Me

People Like You and Me

People. Have you ever wondered what makes them tick? Have you ever pondered what keeps them going? If you knew, really knew someone, would you like what you found out? If others really knew you, would they like you? Sometimes, these questions take on too much importance. We’re afraid of letting others get to know […]

The Shape on the Stairs

The Shape on the Stairs

Thunder growled, ever closer. Those empty rooms of the house must surely be too dark for a proper photographing session, which was a relief, because I didn’t relish the idea of being inside them.             The Saunders Place hadn’t been lived in, since, who knew when. With no heirs, and no living person to lay […]

Moms, Daughters, and Mysteries

I’ve heard women say, “I don’t want to become my mother as I grow older.” What? How sad. If someone  tells me I’m like my mom, I consider it a huge compliment. My mother and I were best friends. I think you’d have liked her. If you never had that privilege, you can get just […]

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