Warm Hugs

Are you rich in memories of warm moments? We may not be wealthy in terms of money or assets, but those comforting pictures of things past are of far greater value, to my way of thinking. The sound of Dad building a fire early of a winter morning while I was just waking up always […]

A Hygge a Day

I learned a new word the other day: hygge.  If you’d like to read more about it, it’s in The Farmer’s Almanac. Just click on the link. The word comes to us from Denmark, which has long, cold, dark winters. Just as a friendly hug warms the heart, so does the Norwegian hygge. They dress […]

The Cane Break

The Cane Break Don’t ever go into the cane break at night When the wind is wild and the moon shines bright. When the birds are still and the river moans, And the cane stalks rattle like old, dry bones. You might encounter an Anjeofust, A strange, weird critter the color of dust, Or a […]

Melody Mouse Means Business

Melody Mouse Melody, a small, gray mouse, lived inside a people house along with many mousey others: mother, cousins, sisters, brothers. “To be alert, you must be able. The cat may lurk by chair or table,” her mother told small Melody. “So, exercise; eat carefully.” Now, exercise, for Melody, was dancing very regularly. Her friends […]

The Cottonwood

The Cottonwood At Grandfaher’s barn, close to the door, stood a giant cottonwood tree; How it weathered the wind and stood in the storm was a wonder and marvel to me. My grandfather said it was the strong roots, sinking down, holding fast to the ground; For the earth never lost it when wind tore […]

That Personal Touch

It is rare to call a business phone and get an actual person, but when I do, I rejoice! I realize that I’m old-fashioned and some of you young’uns won’t believe me, but I recall a time when there was an actual operator on the line who asked, “Number, please?” I also remember a time […]

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