The Hushed World

The Hushed World

It’s as if God has hushed the world with a blanket of white. Snow muffles sound and the only thing moving I can see are the birds, frantically pecking up sunflower seeds. All their other food is completely covered by inches of snow. The small evergreen by the front porch wears icicles in its branches […]

Mini Ice Age?

A memorable Presidents’ Day! Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln, I’m sure you were accustomed to cold winters with not nearly as many ways of staying warm as we have today. Bring out the fake-fur lined caps and coats and knee boots, mittens and mufflers. Light the fireplaces, mix the hot chocolate. The temperature is minus […]


  No sounds break the frozen stillness of morning. Snow rims the dark limbs of trees, wintry patterns against a gray sky. A careful driver in a blue car eases down the icy street, his headlights a yellow swath in the darkness–a silent car on a silent street. But noises intrude. Coffee pot chuckles; furnace […]

Tucked Away

Christmas 2020 is tucked away now, put into boxes and stored in the garage until next Christmas. I always take down tree, ornaments, and other decorations with a degree of sadness, wondering what will transpire until it’s time to put them up again. However, now the house seems larger and Nemo is glad to get […]

Snow Memories

Snow Memories

No snow yet, but I can dream and remember, and, now and then, write a poem.   Winter Lullaby A cricket creaks its slumber song beside the fireplace glow, While posts and picket fence outside wear mounds of rounded snow. The winter eve is etched in white, all softness, still and deep, And, drowsy, watching […]

Nemo and the Squirrels

A Ballad I’m a noble watchdog, valiant and kind,                                                                                              […]

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