Getting in Touch with an Old Tradition

by blanche manos · leave a comment (edit) Yesterday, my family and I kept up the yearly tradition of putting flowers on the graves of loved ones. Decoration Day is always the same Sunday every May and has been that way for generations. The beautiful little cemetery lies in northeast Oklahoma, surrounded by trees, gentle hills, and a creek […]

Do We Speak the Same Language?

  Don’t you love it when you find someone who speaks the same language as you? I don’t mean language peculiar to any ethnic group, but people who have similar interests and enjoy talking about them. For example, history. I love history! Particularly, I love American history because America is my beloved country and I […]

Winds of Change

This is the second and final installment of my May 5, 1985 Daily Press article about the tornado which destroyed Peggs, Oklahoma on May 2, 1920. In 1920, Walter Neel lived with his parents, brothers and sisters on the Gid Morgan farm, two and a fourth miles southeast of Peggs. The storm went a mile […]

The Peggs Tornado

Since it is the 99  year anniversary of the Peggs tornado, and although I re-published it last year at this time, I do so again today. For a time, I wrote feature stories for The Tahlequah Daily Press. On May 5, 1985, The Press published an article I wrote about the tornado that destroyed Peggs, […]

Easter and the Easter Egg Tree

Easter and the Easter Egg Tree

  The following story is an excerpt from The Heritage of Etta Bend, a story my mother told me about her childhood in northeast Oklahoma. The “I” is my mother, Susie Latty Day. Mom told me this story and I wrote it to be included in The Heritage of Etta Bend in 1989. It was […]



      Today would have been my mother, Susie Latty Day’s, birthday and if she were here, I’d bake her favorite dessert–lemon pie. The lilac bush at her house in Tahlequah is blooming now and that’s fitting because she loved lilacs. In fact, when she was sixteen, her dear Aunt Ettie, Tettle, she called […]