The Invisibility Cloak

Replay of a Past Post: When one reaches a certain age, attains a veritable number of years, one becomes invisible. You don’t believe me? It’s true and I’m here to prove it. Maybe it’s the white hair that puts up that Invisibility Shield; maybe it’s the wrinkles; I’m not sure what triggers this phenomenon. For example, in […]

A Stubborn Car

The night was too hot for sleeping and the air conditioner man wouldn’t be there until the next day to fix her broken down unit. Mrs. Potts slid out of bed and went to the window to open it. Strange…Mrs. Deer’s house across the street was dark, but she saw some sort of movement. Mrs. […]

Thoughts for Early Morning

When the sunlight tips the treetops And the grass is damp with dew, As the air is filled with birds’ song, Then my thoughts return to you. Something about the early morning puts hope in my heart. Everything is fresh and unspoiled. It’s another day, filled with possibilities. It is as old as time yet […]

When You’ve Lost the Tune

Sometimes it’s hard to start the day with a song; a dream seems just out of reach, feelings are hurt, we sorely miss someone who isn’t here, bodies grow fatigued, a harsh word clouds a sunny day. There’s something, though, about lifting up our heads and looking at a new day with hope that puts […]

The Wild Downhill Ride

Mrs. Potts was lonely. The winter was long and cold, the days were dark and short, and snow kept hanging onto the streets like the remnants of an old, torn coat. The phone rang. Mrs. Deer’s voice came over the line. “Come on over for a bowl of stew and cornbread.” “Sure,” Mrs. Potts said, […]

Come Mosey With Me

This morning, my thoughts are just moseying here and there, and going a far piece back into memory. Not sure what moseying means? Well, I’ve heard it all my life. It’s an old term that means to amble or to walk at a slow pace. That word, moseying, got me started thinking about other words […]

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