Beginning Again

It looked to me like there could have been a light frost last night, at least, on the neighbor’s roofs. The cold front is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I just had a sobering thought. If the temperature really hits 28 degrees, will all these lovely, green leaves be killed and will the trees have to […]

A Rhyming Hope

A Rhyming Hope

It’s cold again this morning. Rain last night and clouds today, but the maple tree’s leaves are larger, the grass is greener, and the pansies have smiles on their faces. Here’s a spring poem to keep in your heart when actual spring seems far away. A Sudden Shower by Blanche Day Manos There’s a scurry […]

Those Pesky Thoughts

Those Pesky Thoughts

The Bible says we are supposed to take every thought captive. That isn’t an easy thing to do. With so much that is pleasant and positive, so much love in the world, why do I (and, I suspect, a great many of us) let negative thoughts creep in? Sad to say, the older I get, […]

It’s a Mystery to Me

  Sometimes after watching a flashy commercial complete with all the latest TV hijinks, I have no idea what the manufacturers want the viewers to buy. The delivery got in the way of the product. Old commercials were much more memorable. In fact, I still remember some, even decades later. Does anybody remember Ipana toothpaste? […]

What’s Behind That Innocent Color?

To look outside my window at the early April day, I’d say that it’s a lovely morning: fresh, young leaves on many trees, grass all green and bursting with the newness of the season, but, let me tell you, folks, it’s more than a bit nippy out. A walker just strode up the hill decked […]

A Little of This and That

It’s raining this morning. Actually, it just started a few minutes ago but there’s thunder. Oh, dear! You know who is nervously hovering by my chair, don’t you? I wish I could explain to Nemo that it’s only noise and won’t hurt him, and I do explain; however, he doesn’t seem to believe me. Speaking […]

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