One of the beautiful things about writing is being able to create a problem and control its outcome. And, of course my favorite intrepid solvers of problems are Darcy Campbell and her mother Flora Tucker. These ladies never ask for the mystery they find themselves involved in; oh my, no. But they are more than equal to bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion. Of course, there may be some mis-steps along the way and most certainly there’ll be an untimely death or two and invariably our protagonists will meet with danger but they are more than equal to the task.

(All of Darcy and Flora’s books are available as Kindle downloads. They may also be purchased individually or as a set through Pen-L Publishing.)

In Darcy and Flora’s first outing, The Cemetery Club, Darcy Campbell goes back to her hometown of Levi, Oklahoma, hoping to find peace and healing after the death of her husband. Instead, she finds a centuries-old mystery and a long-lost love. Danger dogs the footsteps of Darcy and her mother Flora Tucker as they follow the trail of an ancient treasure and try to stay two steps ahead of ruthless men. Does trouble really come in threes? If so, Darcy and Flora need to be alert that they do not become victims four and five.

Grave Shift continues the adventures of Darcy and Flora as they become involved in searching for a young woman who disappeared two years ago. Levi is a deceptively quiet, peaceful-looking town, but beneath the surface swirl dark currents of danger and secrets that someone does not want to surface.

The third mystery in the Darcy and Flora trilogy is Best Left Buried. The romance between Darcy and Levi’s sheriff, Grant Hendley, continues to grow while Flora re-discovers an interest in lawyer Jackson Conner. A long-buried secret in a hand-dug well brings to light a distant chapter of Darcy and Flora’s family history and Darcy wonders, was it best left buried?

A new cozy mystery series launched in November, 2015. The first book, Moonlight Can Be Murder, deals with a woman of a certain number of years, Nettie Elizabeth Duncan McNeil, who returns to her hometown of Ednalee, Oklahoma, in answer to a plea for help. However, before she can come to the aide of her dear uncle Javin, Ned is caught up in a murder mystery in which she is the sole suspect. Can Ned clear her name while searching for the real killer, who continues to stalk amid the moonlight?

Darcy and Flora are settled in their new home on Granny Grace’s acres and are enjoying the country setting. However, there are a few problems. This is the rainiest July ever with accompanying floods, a handsome, new preacher threatens to turn Darcy’s head, food disappears from the Jenkins’ table and they fear it is a ghost taking it, Flora discovers some unsavory facts about her past, and then, of course, there are a couple of murders. Darcy and Flora are squarely in the sights of a deranged killer. Grave Heritage will keep you turning pages to find out what happens next.

My writing career did not start with mysteries but with writing some of my family background.

My first books, The Heritage of Etta Bend and Remembering Etta Bend reflect my love of history and family. They chronicle my mother, Susie Latty Day’s childhood in northeast Oklahoma in the early 1900s. They are no longer available but may be re-issued at a later date.

In addition to fiction, genealogy, and history,for many years, I have written on assignment for Union Gospel Press, a Christian publisher based in Cleveland, Ohio. My contributions there include stories, crafts, and puzzle pages for Primary Helps and Handwork, Christian Life, Youth Home Activity, My Delight, My Pleasure, and Bible Picture Talks.