Where We Were

Come with me for a trip into history and delve into a 1921 issue of The Etude, Presser’s Musical Magazine. I’m not sure where I bought this magazine but it’s fascinating because it’s from a much different era of America. Woodrow Wilson was President that year; that is, until March 4 when Warren G. Harding […]

Happy March!

March birthday people: your flower is the daffodil and your stone is the aquamarine. To me, daffodils signal springtime and hope and returning life. And, the aquamarine is a lovely stone! Lots of things to celebrate this month? Among them are St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of spring.  March abounds with weather lore, […]

The Older I Get

  The older I get…the more I value family and friends and life and the less concerned I am about surface stuff,                         …the more I appreciate old values, old friends, old remedies to ills, physical and emotional, and spiritual.           […]

A New Morning

I thank God for the morning, for the freshness of rain-washed air, for new light as it clears away the shadows of the night. I thank God for the mystery of another day. Yesterday’s worries and concerns are where they belong–with yesterday. This is a new day, a new beginning, a new hope with the […]

Hidden Motives

Hidden Motives

Ned had been thrilled to think Evangeline Carver, the grand dame of the county, would call her to take pictures of the fabulous Carver mansion. She would get a chance to see inside that historic landmark and she’d get to talk to Evangeline herself. Truthfully, Ned may have been just a bit star struck. However, […]

Neighborhood Owl

Neighborhood Owl

Neighborhood Owl “There’s an owl in the neighborhood. I heard him late last night When the wind was wild and restless and the moon was round and white. I hurried to my window but nothing I could see Showed anyone in all the town had wakened–only me. Owls live in the forest where trees are dark […]

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