Not Without My Dog

These hot, summer days in July and August are called the dog days of summer and, in honor of that, today Ulysses, Ned’s dog and faithful companion, has his day in Moonstruck and Murderous, the third Ned McNeil moonlight book. It’s free on Amazon Unlimited. Ulysses, Ned’s rescue dog and Penny the cat are important […]

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, Santa brought to me: a creative cozy mystery. On the second day of Christmas, Santa brought to me: Two tidy murders and a creative cozy mystery. On the third day of Christmas, Santa brought to me Three suspects skulking, two tidy murders, and a creative cozy mystery. On the fourth […]

A Murderer Among the Mourners

A Murderer Among the Mourners

  I had no invitation to Miss Evangeline’s funeral. That wasn’t the way things were done in small-town Ednalee. Her death notice and a short obituary were in the local paper, giving the date and time for her burial. That was enough for anyone who was interested. It was such a murky day and, according […]


What would we do without hope? It’s more than a wish–it’s a yearning and a belief that somewhere, out in the future, things will get better. Hope rises with the sun each morning, but it doesn’t set as the sun sinks westward. Hope lives on, through even the darkest night. As the sun slid westward […]

Things My Mama Taught Me

All the good things that I am, came from my parents. The not-so-good? Well, I’ve  managed those things on my own. This morning I was thinking about things my mother taught me. I had never really tried to itemize them, they were just there. To list them would be like trying to draw a diagram […]

Good-bye, October

Good-bye, October

Generally speaking, I don’t like good-byes, but this is the last day of October 2020. So, of necessity, it’s good-bye and tomorrow, it’ll be hello to a brand new month. Maybe it’ll be a month of healing and prosperity in all areas of life. I hope. October is leaving as a dampish month in Arkansas. […]

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