Sisters Are Forever

When the jonquils bloom in the spring, I think of her–my sister Helen. Maybe it’s because of her March birthday, maybe it’s because those first flowers are so welcome after winter and are such a cheerful sight. My sister was a cheerful, upbeat, lovely person. Some people make the world a better place simply by being. […]

A New Look at an Old Christmas Song

On the first day of Christmas, Santa brought to me a creative cozy mystery. On the second day of Christmas, Santa brought to me two tidy murders and a creative cozy mystery. On the third day of Christmas, Santa brought to me three suspects skulking, two tidy murders, and a creative cozy mystery. On the fourth […]

Coming Home for Christmas

Nettie wanted nothing more than to spend Christmas with her uncle, Javin Granger, her last living relative. It had been forty years since she and her family left her hometown of Ednalee, Oklahoma; now, she was back, hiding from an experience in Atlanta and needing the peace and quiet of the old Victorian house her […]

Morning Tiptoes In

Morning Tiptoes In

  Early morning slips in on silent feet. It moves through drowsy trees, stirring a leaf here and there. Within the branches of a blue spruce, something stirs. A bird, perhaps? Darkness is slow to leave; the day is loathe to begin. At last, gathering the shadows around it like a cloak, the dawn glides away, yielding to the rising of […]

An Owl in the Neighborhood

An Owl in the Neighborhood

  Neighborhood Owl “There’s an owl in the neighborhood. I heard him late last night When the wind was wild and restless and the moon was round and white. I hurried to my window but nothing I could see Showed anyone in all the town had wakened–only me. Owls live in the forest where trees are […]

Part II of the Peggs Tornado

This is the second and final installment of my May 5, 1985 Daily Press article about the tornado which destroyed Peggs, Oklahoma on May 2, 1920. In 1920, Walter Neel lived with his parents, brothers and sisters on the Gid Morgan farm, two and a fourth miles southeast of Peggs. The storm went a mile […]