Fabulous February

The adventures of Miss Georgia took us right into February and I didn’t give a proper welcome to this fabulous month. But, Miss Georgia was in the middle of solving a bank robbery and murder and couldn’t postpone the outcome. If you enjoyed Miss Georgia’s adventure, Darcy and Flora and Ned McNeil have some exciting […]

Two Old Relics

Chapter 15 For the next few minutes, pandemonium reigned. Smudge Littleton, the victim of the shovel, lay stretched on the ground. The other man sat flat beside the trench they’d dug, holding his head and moaning, while Abigail kept a second rock at the ready.      “Everything is in hand now, ladies,” Monroe said. “I […]

A Writer’s Resolutions

This list of resolutions is copied from a blog post of a few years back. I firmly resolve and forswear to work hard at sharpening my writing skills by never, ever writing run-on sentences unless they are called for by content of the story or one of the characters steps up and says he is […]

What Do You Do With Dreams?

What Do You Do With Dreams?

Has anyone seen the film, Duel?  I saw it a year or so back.  Duel is a 1971 Spielberg film starring Dennis Weaver. It is a nail-biting, edge-of-your-chair thriller and probably caused my weird dream which happened after I turned off the TV. In my dream, I was in a northern state in the springtime and […]

November Wind

Ned McNeil usually didn’t mind living alone in the Victorian house she had inherited from her uncle. Alone, that is, except for a small gray cat called Penny. But, there was no denying that the old home place in which she lived, the place called Granger Mansion, held some secrets of its own. After all, […]


Intuition–do you have it? Webster says it is direct knowledge without having rational thought; insight. I think, to some degree, we all have it. It’s a matter of whether we’re aware and listen to it. Flora Tucker has intuition, a “feeling in her bones.” And, she’s usually right. Her daughter, Darcy Campbell, may have it, […]

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