Melody Mouse Means Business

Melody Mouse Melody, a small, gray mouse, lived inside a people house along with many mousey others: mother, cousins, sisters, brothers. “To be alert, you must be able. The cat may lurk by chair or table,” her mother told small Melody. “So, exercise; eat carefully.” Now, exercise, for Melody, was dancing very regularly. Her friends […]

What Happened?

What Happened?

Murder By Moonlight may be my favorite book, out of the eight I’ve written. Have you read it? If you haven’t, I hope you do. It’s on Amazon. If you’ve read this latest cozy, I’m sure you can answer this fun quiz. A question and two possible answers. See if you can pick the right […]

A Lady in the Lamplight

Dear children, after some delay I take my pen in hand in answer to your most welcome letter which I received and should have bin answered sooner but there is much of my time that it is almost all I can do to attend to my every day affairs so I hope you will excuse […]

An Unsolved Mystery

An Unsolved Mystery

Several years ago, a dear cousin who lived in Georgia sent me this picture, hoping I could shed some light on the who, what, where, and when. Also, why. That was important too. My brother and I looked, magnified it, and looked some more. We even went to various cemeteries, trying to find grave stones […]

The Cave-In

Scrambling to my feet, I yelled, “Cade!”  My voice echoed eerily, bouncing off the walls until the echo faded. Oppressive silence pressed in around me. My heart hammered and I couldn’t breathe. Panic rose in my throat. I had always hated confined places and complete darkness. Would Cade know I was here? Would he be […]

What Is So Rare As

If you’re one of those lucky people born this month, you’ve got a lot of good things going for you. First, there’s your birthstone–you have two of them! The pearl and the Alexandrite are yours. Flowers? Also two–the rose and the honeysuckle. So, you’re bright and shiny, have infinite value, and smell good too. How […]

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