Warm Hugs

Are you rich in memories of warm moments? We may not be wealthy in terms of money or assets, but those comforting pictures of things past are of far greater value, to my way of thinking. The sound of Dad building a fire early of a winter morning while I was just waking up always […]

Back to Bethel

It was not a church building. It was a schoolhouse. As I remember, it was painted white. There may have been a dividing curtain inside the house so that when school was in session, the teacher of the early grades could separate her classroom from the teacher and children of the upper grades. A schoolhouse […]

Mama’s Story of the Easter Egg Tree

The following story is an excerpt from The Heritage of Etta Bend, a story my mother told me about her childhood in northeast Oklahoma. The “I” is my mother, Susie Latty Day. Mom told me this story and I wrote it to be included in The Heritage of Etta Bend in 1989. It was spring, […]

Come and Gone

Come and Gone

Christmas 2020 has come and gone. For months, everything has been building up to this one special date on the calendar. When it is in the past, there seems to be a let-down. Perhaps I should use this time post-Christmas to reflect on the Day and its meaning. Of course, first and foremost, Christmas is […]

A Jolly Turkey

A Jolly Turkey

That special holiday in November arrives in just two days. I have heard a rumor that a jolly turkey slides down chimneys bringing mince and pumpkin pies and Thanksgiving-themed books for all good and dedicated readers. If this is true, maybe I could give him a few tips on what to leave on the festive […]

A-One and A-Two, And…

Nothing dates a person like her repertoire of songs. My repertoire isĀ  a rusty, dusty, relic of a long ago yesterday. In my school days, both as a student and as a teacher, we began the day with singing, the Flag Salute, and the Lord’s Prayer. At Valley Center, one of the best elementary schools […]

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