Neighborhood Owl

Neighborhood Owl

Neighborhood Owl “There’s an owl in the neighborhood. I heard him late last night When the wind was wild and restless and the moon was round and white. I hurried to my window but nothing I could see Showed anyone in all the town had wakened–only me. Owls live in the forest where trees are dark […]

Three Sleuths in Rhyme

Three Sleuths in Rhyme

I couldn’t resist putting my three sleuths in a rhyme. They didn’t seem to mind in; in fact, I think they rather enjoyed being subjects of poetry.   Cozy Sleuths Darcy and her mom, Flora is her name, never wanted fortune and never asked for fame, But, somehow, mysteries find them, in one way or […]

Who’s On the Shelf?

Chapter 16  It wasn’t until the next day that Miss Georgia learned the whole story. Monroe, Abigail, and she sat in Miss Georgia’s kitchen with cups of hot tea on the table. Elmira snoozed in Miss Georgia’s lap.      “So, did Smudge actually shoot poor Thurston?” Miss Georgia asked. “And, who was the other man, […]

Two Old Relics

Chapter 15 For the next few minutes, pandemonium reigned. Smudge Littleton, the victim of the shovel, lay stretched on the ground. The other man sat flat beside the trench they’d dug, holding his head and moaning, while Abigail kept a second rock at the ready.      “Everything is in hand now, ladies,” Monroe said. “I […]


Chapter 14 Miss Georgia stared in the direction Abigail was pointing. Moonlight glinted off an object in the woods. Squinting and straining to see, Miss Georgia could make out the shape of someone else standing among the trees.      At that moment, one of the diggers gave a muffled shout. “I’ve found it!” He dropped […]

How Many in the Cemetery?

    Chapter 13 “That’s the area where Thurston was buried,” Abigail hissed.      “Are you sure?”      “It looks like it from here,” Abigail repeated. “Maybe they’re going to bury another body.”      Abigail snorted. “Where is the body? In their sack?”      “Well, it was a thought.”      “Maybe, if we slip closer, […]

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