The Golden Light at the End of the Day

The Golden Light at the End of the Day


There’s something about the late afternoon, just before the supper hour, when the day is winding down  and the light lies golden and still through the windows. There’s a hush, a silence in empty rooms, a quiet acceptance that the day is over and soon the sun will slip beneath the horizon. Memories return and grow brighter even as the hours fade.

What do you bring with you into the evening? Do you gather all those bright moments, take them out one by one, and relish the remembering? All too often, the darker things hover around the edges of reminiscing, eager to crowd into thoughts, dimming the peace. But, they won’t find a welcome here at this time of reflection. No remorse or regrets are allowed inside. They all belong to past hours and days; they have no place in the quiet reflection, the afterglow of day. Inside and out, the warmth of the day remains and all is well.

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