Not Without My Dog

These hot, summer days in July and August are called the dog days of summer and, in honor of that, today Ulysses, Ned’s dog and faithful companion, has his day in Moonstruck and Murderous, the third Ned McNeil moonlight book. It’s free on Amazon Unlimited. Ulysses, Ned’s rescue dog and Penny the cat are important […]

But, What If…

What if your small hometown had always seemed placid, peaceful, filled with honest and hard-working people, but you suddenly found that beneath this calm exterior, a deadly secret threatened your life? What would you do? Ned McNeil is faced with this decision in each of her four cozy mysteries, in Moonlight Can Be Murder when […]

Three Sleuths in Rhyme

Three Sleuths in Rhyme

I couldn’t resist putting my three sleuths in a rhyme. They didn’t seem to mind in; in fact, I think they rather enjoyed being subjects of poetry.   Cozy Sleuths Darcy and her mom, Flora is her name, never wanted fortune and never asked for fame, But, somehow, mysteries find them, in one way or […]


Chapter 14 Miss Georgia stared in the direction Abigail was pointing. Moonlight glinted off an object in the woods. Squinting and straining to see, Miss Georgia could make out the shape of someone else standing among the trees.      At that moment, one of the diggers gave a muffled shout. “I’ve found it!” He dropped […]

How Many in the Cemetery?

    Chapter 13 “That’s the area where Thurston was buried,” Abigail hissed.      “Are you sure?”      “It looks like it from here,” Abigail repeated. “Maybe they’re going to bury another body.”      Abigail snorted. “Where is the body? In their sack?”      “Well, it was a thought.”      “Maybe, if we slip closer, […]

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming soon to your computer screen–the next Miss Georgia mystery. Remember that Miss Georgia was thinking about her small house in the country and how she enjoyed the niceties of town living? This new mystery finds Miss Georgia moved into town, in one of the two vacant houses beside her friend Abigail. The person who […]

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