Bless Thy Creaking Bones

A Blessing for Grandmas The Lord bless thy bones that they creak not neither pop loudly when thou sittest down and when thou risest up. The Lord bless thine eyesight so that it can see the intricate workings of thy grandchildren’s technology. The Lord bless thy mind so that it understandeth the intricate workings of […]

The Ticking of a Clock

The Ticking of a Clock

  When I hear a clock ticking, I go back a few decades and find myself in Ma and Pappy Latty’s house. They always had a wind-up clock and I can remember how the sound meant peace and security for me. I can see my grandparents’ living room, sun coming through the windows, and feel […]

Remembering Pappy

My older brothers and sister had many memories of our grandparents Levi and Edna Latty when they and my parents lived on farms at Etta Bend. Pappy had a good sense of humor and the boys were always thinking up ways to play a joke on him. This remembrance is from my brother Thurman Day: […]

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