Remembering Pappy

My older brothers and sister had many memories of our grandparents Levi and Edna Latty when they and my parents lived on farms at Etta Bend. Pappy had a good sense of humor and the boys were always thinking up ways to play a joke on him. This remembrance is from my brother Thurman Day:

“One morning I went down to Pappy’s house about daylight to help him with his farm chores. Pappy was down at the hogpen throwing corn to his outside hogs. Pappy’s back was to me. I guess opportunity was the mother of inspiration in that respect. I couldn’t let the chance go by to play a trick on Pappy. I eased up to him and grabbed him by the calf of the leg.

I guess his exclamation came out, as near as anything, to a hill country war whoop. He threw the rest of the corn with one sling of his arm. He yelled recriminations at that old hog before he looked to see that it was his ornery grandson and not a hog at all that had him by the leg.

“Before my brother Richard was born, I rode Dad’s horse Bill down to get Ma to be with Mom. Ma had to have a horse from their pasture to ride back to our house. I was trying to keep the horses up close to the gate so Pappy could open the gate and get them into the corral. Old Bill decided he┬áhad enough of that so he started bucking. Pappy was standing there whooping and laughing and carrying on. I didn’t think it was near as funny as Pappy did. I finally got Bill stopped before he threw me.”

A good thing about memories is that they never grow old as we do. And they stay with us, long after the people we loved are gone.

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