Dismality and Other Dreadful Drearies

Dismality and Other Dreadful Drearies

Outside my window, the day is gray. Not only is it gray, it’s gray and wet. There’s no beautiful, white snow to create a lovely etching. No flowers to brighten the day, just a lot of dismality. So, what to do? Well, I shut the drapes (Is this a sign that I bury my head in the sand like an ostrich and reject reality?) I turn on every light in the house, light the logs in the fireplace, and sing. Not only do I sing, I do a few lively steps. There! Does that count for my daily exercise?

Only thing is, Nemo actually looked at me and shook his head. I suggested he come and dance, but he kept his distance, looking askance at my antics. When my dog doesn’t approve or offer support, it’s a pretty good bet that I am truly being goofy. But, you know, sometimes goofiness is the only way to combat dismality.

When dismality is a reality, close the drapes and dance!



  1. Dismality? Did you just come up with a new word? But I agree that the day calls for the lights to be lit, the fireplace to be burning and music to be heard! It’s the only way to brighten up the day.

  2. Vickie Williams says

    If I could pack up some snow, I would gladly send it to you!

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