With Gratitude

Do you recall the story of Francis Scott Key and how he came to write The Star Spangled Banner? British ships bombarded Ft. McHenry all night and when morning came, Mr. Key anxiously scanned the sky to see whether the American flag still waved at the fort. The morning light finally revealed that magnificent banner, […]

Darkness Before Dawn

Darkness Before Dawn

Do you ever wake in the darkness before dawn and lie in bed, just thinking? Those hours waiting for sunrise have been written about by many people. It’s in those moments that thoughts, both good and bad, come creeping. Things that we suppress during the day find this is a good time to keep us […]

The Star Spangled Banner

The Fourth of July, the celebration of our country’s independence is upon us. I hope that as we picnic or watch fireworks light up the sky, we remember what we are celebrating. We live in the most wonderful country in the world but without freedom, we would have nothing. As Ben Franklin said in 1759, […]

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