With Gratitude

Do you recall the story of Francis Scott Key and how he came to write The Star Spangled Banner? British ships bombarded Ft. McHenry all night and when morning came, Mr. Key anxiously scanned the sky to see whether the American flag still waved at the fort. The morning light finally revealed that magnificent banner, waving proudly, undefeated. The flag was still there! Many brave patriots died to keep it there.

On Memorial Day, tomorrow, I hope we spare a thought or two for those valiant Americans who gave their lives in defense of our country and freedom. Thank you seems a poor and weak thing to say to these patriots, but to my nephew Clint, to my young cousin who died in Viet Nam, to all those others in all the many wars who left their homes never to return, who stood between their country and anarchy, thank you.  And thank You, God, for this great and wonderful land. It remains free at a terrific cost! May we never, ever, ever forget!


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