A New Morning

I thank God for the morning, for the freshness of rain-washed air, for new light as it clears away the shadows of the night. I thank God for the mystery of another day. Yesterday’s worries and concerns are where they belong–with yesterday. This is a new day, a new beginning, a new hope with the […]



  Many years ago, Sara gave me a gift of rainbows. It is actually the tail of a dragonfly and it’s a sun catcher. I hung it in my window and that’s where it has stayed. When the sun shines through it, many rainbows dance on my wall. Now, who could be sad when in […]

Mini Ice Age?

A memorable Presidents’ Day! Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln, I’m sure you were accustomed to cold winters with not nearly as many ways of staying warm as we have today. Bring out the fake-fur lined caps and coats and knee boots, mittens and mufflers. Light the fireplaces, mix the hot chocolate. The temperature is minus […]

An Impressive Person

An Impressive Person

Yesterday was the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln and I had Presidents on my mind. We hear of some more than others. Who, I asked myself, was a President that I didn’t hear much about? I came up with the name of  John Tyler. In doing a bit of research, I found a lot of […]

Fabulous February

The adventures of Miss Georgia took us right into February and I didn’t give a proper welcome to this fabulous month. But, Miss Georgia was in the middle of solving a bank robbery and murder and couldn’t postpone the outcome. If you enjoyed Miss Georgia’s adventure, Darcy and Flora and Ned McNeil have some exciting […]

Who’s On the Shelf?

Chapter 16  It wasn’t until the next day that Miss Georgia learned the whole story. Monroe, Abigail, and she sat in Miss Georgia’s kitchen with cups of hot tea on the table. Elmira snoozed in Miss Georgia’s lap.      “So, did Smudge actually shoot poor Thurston?” Miss Georgia asked. “And, who was the other man, […]

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