Fabulous February

The adventures of Miss Georgia took us right into February and I didn’t give a proper welcome to this fabulous month. But, Miss Georgia was in the middle of solving a bank robbery and murder and couldn’t postpone the outcome. If you enjoyed Miss Georgia’s adventure, Darcy and Flora and Ned McNeil have some exciting […]

Who’s On the Shelf?

Chapter 16  It wasn’t until the next day that Miss Georgia learned the whole story. Monroe, Abigail, and she sat in Miss Georgia’s kitchen with cups of hot tea on the table. Elmira snoozed in Miss Georgia’s lap.      “So, did Smudge actually shoot poor Thurston?” Miss Georgia asked. “And, who was the other man, […]

The Cemetery at Night

Chapter 12         Miss Georgia had glanced at the clock before she left her house. It was nearing midnight. She had waited until the lights when out in Abigail’s and Monroe’s homes. She didn’t want nor need anyone telling her she was being foolish. So, she crept down to the cemetery feeling like a fugitive. […]

Too Close for Comfort

Too Close for Comfort

Chapter 10 Miss Georgia saw the car when it was quite a way down the street. She’d never seen many of them. Interesting, the noise they made and the speed was alarming! This must be the automobile that Verna Lou had mentioned in their Sunday school class. She wondered if the driver was a stranger, […]

Questions and Answers

Chapter 8 After Grace left, Miss Georgia plopped down in the chair she had vacated, scooped Elmira onto her lap and, absently mindedly stroking the cat, willed herself to calm down.      “I’d no idea I would be the subject of conversation around town,” she told Elmira. “Did you? I mean, my goodness! Don’t people […]

A Visit from a Friend

Chapter 7 However, about an hour before darkness fell, the skies unleashed a torrent of rain accompanied by wicked lightning. Anybody with any sense wouldn’t be out in such weather, Miss Georgia knew. She’d just have to forego her planned visit to the cemetery.      Next morning, though, nature smiled as if she’d never been […]

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