Ne’er Trust a July Sky

Ne’er Trust a July Sky

Ne’er Trust a July Sky. Why? Probably because a day that starts sunny could cloud up and be a rainy day within a short time. Planning a picnic? Good, but bring an umbrella just in case.

July. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends. It’s a good day to remember heritage and country and freedom.

Were you born this month? Lucky you! The amazing and brilliant red ruby is your birthstone. And, your flower? You have two. One just wouldn’t do. The lily and the water lily are meant for you.

By the way, the lowly and busy little ant is an important critter for this month because he is a weather predictor. If the anthills are high in July, the coming winter will be hard. And, as it is in July, so it’ll be in January. I really don’t have an idea what that means. But, better heed it. Those old sayings haven’t reached longevity because they’ve proved false.

And, a last bit of wisdom: Whatever July and August do not boil, September cannot fry.

America’s birthday is coming up July 4, a special day to celebrate our freedom. We may have to celebrate a little differently this year, but that doesn’t keep the holiday from coming. Let’s remember, without freedom, we don’t have a whole lot to celebrate, so let’s guard it and be grateful for it.

Happy birth month, all you July babies. But, remember to Ne’er trust a July sky!

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