Mini Ice Age?

A memorable Presidents’ Day! Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln, I’m sure you were accustomed to cold winters with not nearly as many ways of staying warm as we have today. Bring out the fake-fur lined caps and coats and knee boots, mittens and mufflers. Light the fireplaces, mix the hot chocolate. The temperature is minus one degree this morning, snow is maybe three or four inches and still coming down. Driving conditions are hazardous and the groundhog is long under ground, undoubtedly warm and comfortable.

The forecast is for more snow and even colder temps. Can you believe it? The forecast for warmer temps has been pushed farther into the future. So, we might as well settle in, do the best we can, and enjoy it.

The birds have plenty of bird seeds, thanks to my son, so there’s that. Nemo and I too have no reason to fear. Our pantry is full. I hope that wherever you are, you stay safe and well. There’s not a thing we can do about the weather. On the plus side, it is beautiful. It’s fun to watch the birds, all manner of sizes and colors, as they enjoy the black sunflower seeds.¬†

Snow muffles sound and has its own light. At night, flashlights aren’t needed as the snowlight casts everything into unaccustomed brightness.

A soft and downy, drowsy day, the sky is furry, blurry gray

No wind to blow the snow away 

In patches.

The trees are draped with frozen lace, the meadow is an arctic place;

And house and barn, with wintry grace,

Wear thatches.


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