Fabulous February

The adventures of Miss Georgia took us right into February and I didn’t give a proper welcome to this fabulous month. But, Miss Georgia was in the middle of solving a bank robbery and murder and couldn’t postpone the outcome. If you enjoyed Miss Georgia’s adventure, Darcy and Flora and Ned McNeil have some exciting times solving mysteries and getting into serious scrapes; you may very well enjoy these mysteries too. They are all at Amazon.com.

February babies have reason to celebrate. You share your birth month with Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan. Your birthstone is the lovely Amethyst and your flowers are the violet and primrose. If you had lived during the Victorian era, a gift of violets meant that you’d always be true. Primroses signified that you couldn’t live without that wonderful other person in your life. Since Valentine’s Day comes this month, those flowers fit right in, don’t they?

Kindergarteners used to have a great time learning about Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln and coloring cherry trees, hatchets, and log cabins. Then, Valentine’s Day generated as much excitement as Christmas. Do children do this any more? I’ve no idea.

This February week is beginning with a light, freezing mist here in my corner of the world, with more wintry weather later. So, light the fireplace, brew a cup of coffee, and settle in with a good cozy mystery. This month, for all its celebrations, is a good month for hibernating too.


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