Respect and Remembrance

Respect and Remembrance

Respect and remembrance–two important words that sum up the history of Decoration Days at cemeteries.  The deck is wet with rain this morning, the morning is dark. A dove and a robin are trying to wake up the other birds with their songs, and I think back to yesterday and the annual observance of Decoration […]

The Tornado That Destroyed a Town

The Tornado That Destroyed a Town

  Each year I re-print the story of the Peggs tornado that I wrote for The Tahlequah Daily Press in 1985. This story is important because it is a part of our history. It is a sad story, but it is also full of human compassion and courage. We should not forget the many whose […]

The Genius of Shakespeare

For goodness sake, it is not a foregone conclusion that all is doom and gloom. I refuse to budge an inch from my belief that all will be well.  All the phrases in italics are attributed to William Shakespeare, that great master of words, who was born on this day in 1564 and died on this day in […]

A Special Birthday

Today, April 12, is my mother, Susie Latty Day’s birthday. Mom has been gone for nearly twenty-five years now and there isn’t a day when I don’t miss her. I’d love to sit down at her dining table for just one more cup of coffee, just one more chat. Many times, I wonder what my […]

Mama’s Story of the Easter Egg Tree

The following story is an excerpt from The Heritage of Etta Bend, a story my mother told me about her childhood in northeast Oklahoma. The “I” is my mother, Susie Latty Day. Mom told me this story and I wrote it to be included in The Heritage of Etta Bend in 1989. It was spring, […]

My America

My grandparents once owned a store and lived in a house across the road.  I remember being in it as a child and it seemed awfully big, dark, and exciting. The candy counter and the bright-colored sweets with the scales my grandfather used to measure a penny’s worth, the tiny brown candy sacks, were a […]

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