Are the May Bees Still Flying?

Are the May Bees Still Flying?

May 1 was a day of  maybes. It’s an equivocal answer to a difficult question. Are the May Bees still flying around? I ask, because, even though the month is drawing to a close, it seems to be an uncertain month for several reasons.

Some things are not uncertain, though. May’s birthstone is still the beautiful, glowing emerald and May’s flower is still lily-of-the-valley. So, even in uncertainty, there are some things we can depend on. That’s good to know!

Another thing that’s dependable is the weather. Yes, the weather! We can depend on it changing. This morning, for example, wind stirs the trees, grass is fairly bursting with the color green (emerald) and flowers are blooming their heads off, but it may change. Rain and thunderstorms are, once again, in the forecast. So, maybe there’ll be a spring storm; maybe there won’t be.

Here’s another dependable fact: no matter the month or season, a cozy mystery can be depended upon to whisk you away from reality into the world of make believe. Anything can happen in a cozy mystery and often does. There are no maybes about it!


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