What To Do with Endings

What To Do with Endings

This morning as I look out at a dark, damp world and the beginning of a new day, with another school year fast approaching, I think of beginnings. And, endings. July has ended, another summer is nearly gone and August is here–the month when schools start and teachers and children troop back to the classroom. A new school year is about to begin.

Life is made of them, beginnings and endings. Sometimes, that’s good, sometimes, not so much. My third Ned McNeil cozy mystery, Moonstruck and Murderous, has ended. It’s always sad to put the final chapter, the last sentence in a book. Yes, I’m glad that Ned has brought another killer to justice and writing those last chapters surely did create a lot of tension. It was fun; but, now what?

I’m wondering about Ned already. I’ve heard that her friend and boss wants her to take pictures and write a story about a spooky old house far out in the county. Ned loves old houses, but this old house? The person who lived there was thought to be a little strange and more than a little unfriendly. You know that Ned can’t stand not having something to try to puzzle out. I won’t be a bit surprised if she doesn’t accept that assignment and head toward the house, camera and notebook in hand.

The only thing to do with an ending is to make another start, and, to look forward to a new adventure along the way.


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