Too Close for Comfort

Too Close for Comfort

Chapter 10

Miss Georgia saw the car when it was quite a way down the street. She’d never seen many of them. Interesting, the noise they made and the speed was alarming! This must be the automobile that Verna Lou had mentioned in their Sunday school class. She wondered if the driver was a stranger, perhaps someone who was visiting a relative?

     Miss Georgia came to the intersection where she took the street to her home. She would wait for the motorized vehicle to pass. He seemed to be coming awfully fast, but then, she was used to horse speed. It was a shiny, black thing, sort of boxy looking. She would try to get a good look at the driver as he came nearer.

     Whoever was driving didn’t seem to be experienced. He was veering pretty far off the street toward the board sidewalk where she stood. The car’s engine noise increased and it aimed alarmingly in her direction. Miss Georgia gasped and froze, too frightened to move.

     A strong hand grasped her arm and yanked her backward just as the car charged by, missing her by inches. Her heart hammering, Miss Georgia looked up into the concerned face of Monroe Williams.

     His voice was sharp. “Miss Georgia, are you all right?”

     “I think I need to sit down a moment,” she murmured, realizing that her legs felt as weak as water. “What in the world happened?”

     Monroe led her to the bench outside the door of Peepers’ General Store. They both sat, Monroe looking at her anxiously. Caleb Peepers rushed out of his store.

     “Miss Georgia! I saw what happened. That man tried to run you down. We need to tell the sheriff. That was attempted murder.”

     Monroe nodded. “Yes, it was. The sheriff will certainly hear about this. Caleb, can you bring Miss Georgia a bottle of soda pop from your store? I’m afraid she might be going to faint.”

     “Yes, yes, surely,” Caleb said, hurrying back inside.

     Monroe patted Miss Georgia’s hand.

     “Thank you, Roe. You saved my life. But, why in the world would somebody want to run me down?”

     Monroe’s face was like a thunder cloud. “Either he was aiming for you or for me, Miss Georgia. And, I don’t know which.”

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