Therapeutic Snipping

Therapeutic Snipping

My back yard looks a whole lot neater. Yesterday, I wheeled my trusty wheelbarrow into position, took the snippers and started clipping and picking up and stacking. Dead wood, odd bits of tree limbs, a rose trellis that had seen better days, it all went into the wheelbarrow. Now, to get it to the curb without losing anything. The tottering load reminds me of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

This weather is a wonderful time to catch up on things, get everything trimmed and thrown away or put away, because winter is coming. It may not be just around the corner, but one of these days, it’ll come roaring in with a cold north wind and say, “Got’cha.” 

Stuff accumulates through the year. If I’m not careful, it stacks up until it looks like an unmanageable pile. But, I throw out one thing, then another and another and soon, the yard or garage looks a lot better.

It’s a good time to get rid of old attitudes and depressing thoughts too. I don’t want them to stack up and become a fixture in my mindset. If they only lead to gloom and hopelessness, I don’t need them. So, out they go to be replaced by more positive ideas. Fall is a good time for taking stock.


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