Many years ago, Sara gave me a gift of rainbows. It is actually the tail of a dragonfly and it’s a sun catcher. I hung it in my window and that’s where it has stayed. When the sun shines through it, many rainbows dance on my wall. Now, who could be sad when in a room of rainbows?

The prism is there in the window on cloudy days but you’d never guess it because the sun doesn’t shine through. The sun is still in the sky somewhere, the dragonfly is still hanging in the window, but, alas, no lovely rainbows!

Some times we may feel like a cloudy day. Problems, worries, all those negative, dark feelings descend when it seems as if the sun will never shine again.

That’s when a gentle word from a friend, a verse of Scripture or an act of kindness from a stranger reminds me that God loves me. He was there all the time, although I couldn’t see Him. The clouds part and suddenly, the sun shines. Dancing through the prism of hope is the beautiful gift of rainbows.

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