Lovely Morning

It’s such a lovely morning, above freezing, sunshine, flowers hesitantly starting to take a peek at the world. I wonder, on such a morning, why there’s turmoil and trouble and hatred anywhere? 

At last, I can breathe a sigh of relief for the robins. When snow and ice covered the ground, those real-life early birds would hop around, looking like they couldn’t believe it. They always come back too early. There’s no way a self-respecting worm would wiggle to that icy surface. But, now! Well, now the worms are in trouble and the robins are safe from starving.

We could learn a lesson from the robins: perseverance, patience, hope, getting along with the other birds who enjoy sunflower seeds. I didn’t see one single robin pick a fight with another bird because the other birds were enjoying breakfast and the robins’ choice food wasn’t to be found. And, neither did a cardinal or snowbird angrily tell the robin that it was his fault he couldn’t find food.

Let’s grab hold of the hope and sunshine. On dark days, when clouds cover the sun, let’s remember that spring is coming. 


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