How Many in the Cemetery?



Chapter 13

“That’s the area where Thurston was buried,” Abigail hissed.

     “Are you sure?”

     “It looks like it from here,” Abigail repeated. “Maybe they’re going to bury another body.”

     Abigail snorted. “Where is the body? In their sack?”

     “Well, it was a thought.”

     “Maybe, if we slip closer, using the trees for cover, we can get close enough to see what’s going on,” Miss Georgia said.

     Abigail moaned. “Ooh, I don’t know if my heart is going to take this.”

    “Then stay here”, Miss Georgia said. “I’m going to get closer. I want to see just where they’re digging and why and what’s in that sack.”

     As Miss Georgia tiptoed from one shadow to the next, Abigail was right behind her.

     One of the men dug while the other kept watch. Miss Georgia held her breath to hear what they were saying.

     “This was a dumb place to bury it,” One of them muttered. “Why can’t you remember where you put it, anyway? Faulty memory? Or, are you holding out on me?”

     The second voice sounded familiar to Miss Georgia, but she couldn’t quite place where she had heard it before:

     “At the time, it looked good,” the second man whined. “There was a big rock and I buried it all just beside it. How’d I know old Thurston was going to be planted here and they’d move the rock? Or, maybe it’s not moved, just covered up with dirt. Keep digging.”

     A movement on the other side of the men caught Miss Georgia’s eye. Something in the deep shadow of the woods bordering the cemetery moved. Her breath caught in her throat as Abigail grabbed her arm and pointed.


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