Home Again, Home Again

Home Again, Home Again

Yesterday, Nemo told us of his adventure at the clinic. Today he continues his tale.

Let me tell you, as much as I like car rides and the people at the clinic, I hope I don’t see the inside of that place again any time soon. It’s not that I’m treated badly. No! But, it is all very strange and unnerving. My person tells me the surgery went well, polyps removed, nails clipped, teeth cleaned, but the best part is that I don’t have to wear that hateful cone! 

After I got home last night, I toured my back yard to see if anything had changed. Strangely, nothing had. Squirrels were still in the feeders, birds were still trying to sneak a sunflower seed or two. I’d liked to have told somebody about my adventure, but my neighbors were all in their houses–Abby, Gigi, Dakota–I didn’t see any of them in their back yards. 

This morning, the best part about the morning is I get to eat and drink water. Wow! I’ll never take them for granted again. Thanks for all the kind wishes and warm thoughts. Today, I think I’ll sleep a lot. Yesterday took a lot out of me.



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