Does It Really Have to End?

Does It Really Have to End?

Does the Story Have to End?

The following is by a guest blogger, my sister-in-law Linda Day. This was published a few years ago, but it’s always fresh and new. Haven’t we all felt this way?

Reading wasn’t always an enjoyable pastime. Being a tomboy and growing up in a rural area, more interesting adventures were found outside–riding bikes, wading in the creek, daydreaming under a shade tree, or trying to ride one of the calves kept in a corral.

As time passed and book reports became an issue, I began the journey of reading not only to fulfill the dreaded report assignment, but to satisfy the yearning for mysteries to solve, places to go, animals to save, and interesting facts and ideas to sort through.

After high school, becoming a teacher was a logical step–the family lived near Tahlequah and Northeastern College. Then, during my years of teaching eighth and ninth graders, book talks and novel studies became part of the classroom curriculum.

One class in particular comes to mind because the class period was split for lunch. Most of the hour was scheduled before the meal, but twenty minutes remained when the class continued. Finding that many of the students were non-readers, I began reading a chapter from an age appropriate book most days. The students fell into the routine and worked harder before lunch in order to continue the daily reading.

Then one day as the story ended, one of the non-readers who always listened intently to the unfolding tales raised his hand and asked, “Does it really have to end? I wasn’t ready for the story to stop.” And now, as I finish a book that has captivated my interest with an intriguing plot and well-defined characters, I still hear the young student’s words, “Does it really have to end? I wasn’t ready for the story to stop.”


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