Do You Believe in Angels?

Syria’s king was out for blood. (II Kings 6) He was determined to defeat Israel but every time he set a trap for King Jehoram, God revealed the plan to the Prophet Elisha, who warned Israel’s king about each ambush. Syria’s king was puzzled and frustrated. How, he asked, did it always happen that Israel knew about and escaped his secret entrapments? It’s the prophet Elisha, the king’s servants told him. It’s all Elisha’s fault. He knows and warns Jehoram.

So Syria’s king set many soldiers to surround the place where Elisha and his servant lived. When Elisha’s servant saw that huge force of enemy soldiers with their weapons, chariots and horses, he was terrified and asked Elisha what they were going to do. Elisha replied with the words that have reassured generations of believers, “Fear not; for they that be with us are more than they that be with them” (v. 16). Then God opened the servant’s eyes and he saw what Elisha saw: the army of God with horses and chariots of fire, all around them.

It seems reasonable to think that the Syrians were destroyed by God’s army but that is not what happened. God, through Elisha, took care of the matter in quite an unexpected and unorthodox way. The point is, God handled it and the battle was won.



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