An Impressive Person

An Impressive Person

Yesterday was the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln and I had Presidents on my mind. We hear of some more than others. Who, I asked myself, was a President that I didn’t hear much about? I came up with the name of  John Tyler.

In doing a bit of research, I found a lot of information. He served from 1841 to 1845, so that was way back in history. What an interesting man! He was married twice and had, in all, fifteen children! He named his plantation Sherwood Forest because he considered himself a political outlaw. He thought his own thoughts, apparently not much influenced by outside forces. 

Mr. Tyler loved animals and had a pet cemetery at Sherwood Forest. The pets buried here included his horse. The really neat thing, though, is that the plantation is still in the Tyler family and his own grandson, mind you, not great-grandson, but his son’s son lived there until very recently when he passed away.

Sherwood Forest Plantation still exists and is well cared for. Visitors are welcome and Tyler family members still call it home. A wonderful place to visit, and a great part of our heritage.

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