A Stroll into Springtime

A Stroll into Springtime


Yesterday was such a pleasant, warm spring day–perfect for soaking up some Vitamin D. Nemo was over-joyed to share the back yard with me and, for the first time in what seemed like a long time, I got to talk to Peg–she, in her back yard and I, in mine. We thought about serenading everyone with a duet, but, fortunately, for the peace of the neighborhood, we didn’t.

Mother Nature doesn’t know nor care about the virus that has changed people’s lives. Warm weather comes, flowers bloom, birds return, and squirrels go about building their leafy, brambly homes. Last summer, I thought my hollyhock had died, but yesterday, there it was, poking out of the ground! And, an onion from a year or so back, herbs. Of course, the lovely wild violets–invasive, but, oh, so pretty! The little stone hedgehog looked happy to see the sun.

Today is another Lord’s Day, for isn’t every day? Let’s rejoice and find things to be glad about. There are many!

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