A Little of This and That

It’s raining this morning. Actually, it just started a few minutes ago but there’s thunder. Oh, dear! You know who is nervously hovering by my chair, don’t you? I wish I could explain to Nemo that it’s only noise and won’t hurt him, and I do explain; however, he doesn’t seem to believe me.

Speaking of His Nibs, he had to go see his favorite doctor yesterday because he’s been having a bit of trouble walking. Turns out, a disc in his spine is deteriorating which is a common thing with long bodied dogs. But, added to that, it’s more difficult because he’s over-weight. He is to lose weight and he’s to do it by eating less. I imagine fewer doggie treats too, although I never feed him people food because he can’t tolerate it. Then, there’s fluid in his right knee, which is a way to say he has arthritis. I’m not sure where a dog’s knee is, but that’s what the veterinarian said. 

On the plus side, though, he really seems fine this morning except for a slight limp and, of course, that growly monster up there in the clouds somewhere. 

Remember those lovely plants I got at Lowe’s a few days ago? They will love this rain!

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