A Letter From Nemo in the Hospital

A Letter From Nemo in the Hospital


Nemo hasn’t mastered the art of writing and doesn’t have access to a computer, but if he could, he might write something like this, this morning:

So, here I sit! It’s an ok room, I guess, but it isn’t home. Everybody is nice and gentle, but, as I said, It isn’t home! I had a feeling this morning that something was up. I could feel it in my bones, but more than that, I could feel it in my tummy. I got up, went outdoors as usual, came back into my house with my person, and, whoa! Where was my water bowl? That had never happened before. So, I trotted into the laundry room for my usual chewy treat and dry and moist food. The food dish was empty!! I couldn’t believe it!

My person had her coffee going, but no toast. Was she in dire straits? Had we run out of money for food? So, out again into the yard. Maybe chasing a squirrel would make me feel better. But, the squirrels were all perched in bird feeders munching sunflower seeds. Wonder how they would taste? The seeds, not the squirrels. I tried a  bite of squirrel once and, yuk!

Anyway, I came into the house again, thinking maybe the first time just hadn’t worked, maybe my person was preoccupied with her current work-in-progress. Yes! That must have been it. I heard her muttering at her computer yesterday about the best way to send someone to his final reward. Yikes! You don’t suppose she was talking about me, do you? No! I trust my person. She’s good, at heart.

Anyway, she got my leash and we headed to the car. Yea! The car! A ride! I could hardly contain my joy. Then, the soothing roar of the engine, the cushy feel of the seat beneath my feet, and soon we stopped. I knew this place! I like the people here. Oh, boy! We got out of the car, hurried inside, and a friendly attendant stepped up, petted me, and led me to the scales. Why wasn’t my person with me? Oh, no! She gave me a hug. She patted my head. She left!

So, now I sit, waiting for that big, kind man with the gentle hands. I can only guess what’s going to happen next. I don’t think I’ll like it. They keep looking at my ear and talking about something called polyps. So, I’ll just lie down and wait and count sheep or squirrels or think about food, or something until I see my person again. (Yawn). Feeling awfully sleepy.

He’s having ear surgery to remove some polyps and I’ll pick him up this afternoon. I’m sure he’ll be fine, but this house is awfully quiet!



  1. Hope Nemo does ok and that the surgery takes care of the problem. Think he’ll be up to writing about his experience tomorrow or will he be too busy trying to get that dratted cone off?

    • Oh, boy! I’m not looking forward to the cone. He accepts it pretty well, but he doesn’t like it. He’ll be trying to scratch his ear, I’m sure. Dr. Davis just called and said everything went well. I’ll pick him up after 3:00. Thanks for asking.

  2. The way this story was written took me into your backyard, kitchen and vet hospital. Thank you for sharing this from a sweet dogs perspective.

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