When the Earth Shifted

When the Earth Shifted

We went down the steps and around the corner of the house to watch such strange behavior on the part of these usually gentle animals. Still squealing, the horses and mule ran into their barn and immediately began to kick the sides of the wooden structure. A loud crash came from the far side of the building.

Mom grabbed my arm and pointed. “Look at that, Darcy!” Three deer shot out of the woods behind the back pasture and headed toward the garden fence. They sailed over, with room to spare, then flashed across the road and into the woods. 

Far back in the woods, a cracking sound began and grew into a roar. The trees in the yard shivered as if they felt a sudden chill. The ground shuddered beneath our feet and everything around us shook as if in the grip of a strong wind. Behind the house, something rattled and crashed. Glass splintered with the sound of a thousand icicles.

I had an unreal feeling of deja vu. That first quake must have been a preview of coming attractions because this one was a doozy.  

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