Three Sleuths in Rhyme

Three Sleuths in Rhyme

I couldn’t resist putting my three sleuths in a rhyme. They didn’t seem to mind in; in fact, I think they rather enjoyed being subjects of poetry.


Cozy Sleuths

Darcy and her mom, Flora is her name, never wanted fortune and never asked for fame,

But, somehow, mysteries find them, in one way or another, and danger is the neighborhood of Darcy and her mother.

A lovely, sunny Sunday in the magic month of May, finds them getting ready for their Decoration Day.

But, much to their amazement, they see a gruesome sight, a body on a brush pile; they nearly die from fright.

The Cemetery Club has many a frightful scene; In Grave Shift they find villains who are murderous and mean,

Best Left Buried has a secret hidden under ground, but the secret is uncovered and a body is soon found.  

Strictly, gravely speaking, Darcy’s heritage is good; she thinks she knows her ancestors, as everybody should; but, to her own confusion and Flora’s deep dismay, she learns of her Grave Heritage on an eventful day.

Ned McNeil is another who’s feisty, fearless, fun, and meets with many escapades before each book is done;

In Moonlight Can Be Murder, a crime of long ago still casts its deadly shadow across December’s snow.

A graveyard and a legend won’t be forgotten soon as Ned confronts a killer By the Fright of the Silvery Moon.

Moonstruck and Murderous—is the killer just one man, or a crazy, greedy family that includes the victim’s clan?

Each story is intriguing and shivery and fun; with chills and cozy moments enough for everyone.


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