They That Be For Us

A friend and I were visiting yesterday. She was feeling discouraged and sad because of some things over which she had no control. She was worried but she is a Christian and was reminding herself that God knows all about her troubles. We all feel overwhelmed sometimes and have no idea which way to turn to find that peace of mind that seems so elusive. I suppose that since the time of Adam and Eve, people have been plagued with trouble. When these times come, we have one bedrock truth that we can stand on and that is God’s Word. I found a passage in II Kings 6:8-23 where the prophet Elisha was besieged by such a huge force of enemy soldiers that escape was an impossibility but that story had a surprise ending and one I found to be humorous.

Syria’s king was determined to get Israel but every time he set an ambush for King Jehoram, God revealed the plan to Elisha who warned Israel’s king about each ambush. Syria’s king asked how it could happen that Israel knew about and escaped these secret entrapments. It’s the prophet Elisha, the king’s servants told him. It’s all Elisha’s fault. He knows and warns Jehoram.

So Syria’s king set many soldiers to surround the place where Elisha and his servant lived. When Elisha’s servant saw that huge force of enemy soldiers with their weapons, chariots and horses, the servant was terrified and asked Elisha what they were going to do. Elisha replied with the words that have reassured generations of believers, “Fear not; for they that be with us are more than they that be with them” (v. 16). Then God opened the servant’s eyes and he saw what Elisha knew, the army of God with horses and chariots of fire were all around Elisha.

It seems reasonable to think that the Syrians were destroyed by God’s army but that is not what happened. God, through Elisha, took care of the matter in quite an unexpected and unorthodox way. The point is, God handled it and the battle was won in His way.

When we get sad and discouraged and think there is no solution to a problem,  it is good to remember that story and be reminded that we too are surrounded by God’s care. We might not be able to see those angels but they are there and we have nothing to fear.

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