The Author in the Oval Office

The Author in the Oval Office

The first oval office for the first President of the United States was an oval tent at Valley Forge. Here, George Washington planned strategies for the eventual success of the Revolutionary War. He began writing long before this time, one of the first examples being a journal he kept when he was sixteen. Later accounts include his writings of a winter journey through the Pennsylvania wilderness, many, many letters, the stirring records of the Revolution, and his letters and documents pertaining to the Presidency. One of the most beautifully written was his farewell address written in 1796.

So yes, the Father of our Country was also a prolific and gifted writer. His words persuaded, documented, and recorded historic events for the success of the country he loved. 

Mr. Washington wrote with a quill pen by the light of a tallow candle or a lantern when in his tent office. Conditions were cold, cramped, and uncomfortable. Later, as President, he wrote in more comfortable circumstances. Wherever he was, his chief means of communication was the written word. Today those writings are treasured documents.

And, today is the birthday of that remarkable man, our first President, George Washington.


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