Sunset Thoughts

Sunset Thoughts


Ambling through my yard just after sunset, I heard a tree frog, a spring peeper,¬† but I never did see him. These interesting little creatures have big voices. They also employ the subtle art of camouflage, so it’s hard to ever see one. Their feet acting as suction cups, they¬† stick onto tree bark, houses, or windows. They also eat pesky insects. I like tree frogs. They are a sign of spring.

That soft time of day, between daylight and night, is a good time for thinking. Each day has its share of bad stuff–of small hurts and worries, of fleeting sadness and frustration, but I try to shed it all at the end of the day. Each day is a clean page and I don’t want it marred by smudges from yesterday.

As I was reading the Bible a few days ago, I came across a verse where Jesus was talking to his disciples. He told them to love each other. He didn’t say they should try to love each other; it wasn’t a suggestion. It sounded to me like a command–Love one another. Wouldn’t it be great if we all did that? Before we speak an unkind word, before we listen to gossip, before we remember those old slights, before we repeated something that would harm someone else, if we just stopped to think about the Lord’s command–Love one another. It’s pretty much impossible to love someone unless we forgive them first. So, forgiveness is all wrapped up in loving, isn’t it? We value the reputation, the emotions, the good-will of those close to us, don’t we? What if we extended that value to others? The world would be a better place.

And, those were my sunset thoughts as I walked through the yard as the day ended.


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