She was a likable older woman, very rich, opinionated, out-spoken, but friendly. Not an aristocratic bone in her body. She was generous too, providing a home for her relatives who had hit some hard times. She was the kind of person you would like to see continue throughout a book of fiction, lending color and interest to the story.

She did lend interest, true; in fact, the whole mystery centered around her, but, alas! She didn’t last very long into the story. You see, Miss Eva had a premonition and the premonition was that someone was trying to kill her. 

Ned McNeil could hardly believe it when Miss Eva told her. Why would anybody want to harm a friendly, warm, influential old lady? The reason was pretty plain. Miss Eva was rich and somebody wanted her money.  But, who? And, who would be so heartless as to kill her?

Character development is a crucial part of writing a book and the character of Miss Evangeline Carver was a fun one to craft. If you’ve read or would like to read Moonstruck and Murderous, I hope you’ll agree that she was memorable. And, today, to celebrate March madness, it’s FREE!

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